Taranis Hat and Mittens

My apologies to my followers for the time in between updates. Things have been quite hectic as we finished up the renovations to the house and then the holidays happened, but I am happy to say that I have completed a few projects during that time.

taranishatOf all the patterns in the Celtic Journey pattern book from Knit Picks, I think I was most excited to do this hat and mittens set. This pattern was the first one in the book I’ve worked with that I have not had to correct, although the Knit Picks website does note a correction for this pattern. The correction seems to be more of a specification that I simply assumed while working than a need to change any stitches.

One thing I did notice that struck me as odd was the construction of the mittens. I’ve always worked mittens with a symmetrical increase for the thumb hole, and I’ve always put the live thumb opening stitches on a scrap piece of yarn separate from the main body. This pattern, however, has you knit a segment of scrap yarn into the main body which you later remove to work the thumb. As a result, the whole mitten comes out a little wide and flat instead of form-fitted. I plan to re-work the pattern in the future for a better thumb fit.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’ve done this hat three times, and it works up relatively fast. The first time, I worked with Vanna’s Choice worsted in the color linen for both hat and mittens. Both the hat and mittens came out a bit larger than I would have liked, so if you choose this yarn you may want to start with a smaller needle than the pattern calls for. But I’ve done the hat twice more in Caron’s Simply Soft worsted yarn and they came out smaller than the hat done in Vanna’s Choice. This is something I’ve noticed with a lot of projects when I choose to work with Caron Simply Soft, they often come out a bit smaller than they do when working with other yarns. Personally, I like how the hat came out with the Caron yarn better than the Vanna’s Choice. I’ll have to do up a pair of mittens and see how they compare.

But regardless of how big my mittens came out, the cable pattern is still absolutely gorgeous and very fun to work up. I especially like the little puffs worked in the spaces around the cables. These are done by working an increase 5 stitch, then knitting those five stitches together in the next round. I had to accomplish this with the aid of a crochet hook as it is very difficult to get a knitting needle through five stitches at a time. But this simple little stitch adds a nice little embellishment to any project.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As always, happy knitting!

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I have been waiting for some good snowfall so I could take some photos of the hat and mittens outdoors in the elements. I’m sure my neighbors thought I was crazy with my tripod standing in front of a bush in my yard, but I don’t care! The weather today made the perfect backdrop to showcase this stuff. Enjoy!

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