I love to knit, it’s one of my favorite past-times. There’s nothing quite like sipping hot tea, bingeing on your favorite TV show or movie, and clickety-clacking away with your needles. And as soothing as that activity may be, I have also been known to dabble in crochet, needlepoint, and sewing. Along with knitting projects, I will blog about all of my other crafty endeavors. I’ll periodically put up tutorials on how to do certain stitches and series of stitches of both beginner’s and advanced levels. I also occasionally create my own patterns and I will share the successful ones here.

One of my biggest pet peeves is finding a blog about a specific pattern, but not finding links to the pattern or the pattern itself. Therefore, whenever possible, I will post links to the pattern or at least say specifically what book I found it in. I do believe in the rights of the designers, so I will not reprint patterns either in full or in part. Copyright laws exist for a reason. Instead, I will post about my experience working with the pattern, what I found easy and challenging, and where I found the pattern specifically so you may easily find it and tackle it yourself!

Happy stitching!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Melanie Dull says:

    My daughter, a fairly new knitted, is having problems with the Flidais Stole. I saw one entry that mentioned your experiences with another Knit-picks pattern. Did you ever work out what is wrong with the Stole? Any help would be appreciated greatly. I’m not a knitter, I crochet. Knit-picks was not helpful.


    • I agree, the knit-picks website has few corrections that are helpful. I have indeed made the stole, I just haven’t updated my blog yet with an entry detailing my experience. Now that I know there’s a demand for it I will get on it right away, there were quite a few things wrong with the pattern, but it is absolutely beautiful once completed. I will try to write up and post that entry tomorrow as I have a day off work and not much else to do, so keep your eyes out for it. Thanks for reaching out to me!


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